8:30 Pick up from hotel

  • Meet the team

  • Briefing for the day

  • Go through press kit

  • Brainstorm questions

  • Interviewing tips

  • Safety training if appropriate

9:00 Set out on story

  • There are usually three interviews.

  • Throughout the day, between filming, we debrief and listen to the recorded interviews to choose clips for final edited story

13:00 Lunch on location

  • Film a “standupper” in which you speak directly to the camera for two-to-three sentences explaining something about the story.

  • Throughout the day we film visuals of the people we interview and the locations. We also continuously discuss the script. A sample script for your story is given to you in the morning and we work on adjusting it throughout the day to reflect what you want it to say.

  • Record voicer

18:30 Return to hotel

  • Two days later you will receive your edited story ready to be posted on social media.

  • This experience is suitable only for 1 -2 people.

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